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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Started with the Research and Development of a carpet dry cleaning system in the year 1987, the company since then Carpet Cleaner GmbH was formed. With presence in more than 30 countries in the world, the company continues to conduct research and development of solutions not only for industrial use but also for private homes.

Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Consists of easy-to-use brushing machines and special cleaning compounds and products. The heart of the system is the Carpet Cleaner compound, consisting of renewable natural (organic) materials:

  • Free of phosphates
  • pH-neutral
  • Biodegradable active agents

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User Friendly : No furniture removal, short drying time, walk on immediately, easy and simple to apply, protects from re-soiling and cost efficient through specific cleaning in accordance with the degree of soiling.

Carpet Friendly : No soaking of the carpet, no water marks and no wet or sticky residues. Environmentally friendly: 100% natural raw materials, biodegradable ingredients and phosphate free.


Advantages of the system

Clean only the soiled areas like main traffic lanes and accumulations of dirt.

User Friendly :-

  • no furniture removal
  • short drying time, walk on immediately
  • easy and simple to apply
  • protects from resoiling
  • cost efficient through specific cleaning in accordance with the degree of soiling